Ubiquiti is a U.S. based technology company which has a wide array of wireless products. UniFi is Ubiquiti's product family for enterprise Wi-Fi that contains access points, switches and router-firewalls. All UniFi products are centrally managed by a single application.

Ubiquiti on amerikkalainen teknologiayritys, jolla on paljon ratkaisuja langattomaan viestintään. UniFi-tuoteperhe on Ubiquitin yritys-WLAN-ratkaisu, jossa on tukiasemia, kytkimiä ja reitittimiä/palomuureja.

Petri Riihikallio is a certified Ubiquiti Enterprise Wireless Administrator (UEWA-V2)

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Ubiquiti UniFi Products

Ubiquiti UniFi is a product family that share common management through UniFi Controller. However, how all the pieces fit together is not obvious at first sight.